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A N I A   P A B I S   G U I L L A U M E


Ania Pabis Guillaume creates Wearable Art, Sculptures, Paintings and Ceramics.
She draws her inspiration and her techniques from a lifetime of travel and study in central and western Europe and Japan. 


Ania was born in Cold War Poland and raised in the company of a grandmother who loved painting and nature. She lived in Prague, London, Warsaw, and Chicago. In Belgium, Ania designed new ceramics for Boch Frères in La Louvière, renowned for its Keramis faience. With a move to Tokyo in the late eighties, Ania discovered the exquisite refinement of Japanese art and was enchanted by its subtle variations: ceramics, glaze, lacquer, screens, gardens, kimonos, bonsai and ikebana. 


Ania Guillaume Pabis begins her artistic production with painting.  The influence of her passage in Japan is evident in the giant waves on a gold background, in the twisted shape of tree trunks, the subtleties behind the broad forms emerging from a contemplation of the force and the detail.


A resident of the Riviera, she creates ceramic works in an Asian idiom, notably in marrying rough earthenware to delicate glazes and adapting colors reminiscent of  Song Dynasty ceramics. The rough surfaces of her ceramics echo the textures of her paintings.


Her sculptures are remarkable, both by their expression and symbolism. They include Wearable Art, as well as medium and large art work designed for homes or open spaces. She works with the Godard, Clementi, Chapon and Bronze d'Airain art foundries.


The work of Ania Guillaume Pabis has been seen by the public in numerous exhibitions in the US, France, Monaco, the U.K., Belgium, Poland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, China and Japan. She won several distinctions in Japan and Monaco.

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